Over Half The Nationís Employers Use Direct Deposit Are You One Of Them?

Whether youíre in a rural city in California or a manufacturer in a large metropolitan area. Whether you employ 5 or 5000 people. Or whether you deal with a large or a small bank, a savings and loan or a credit union, you and your employees can cash in on Direct Deposit services through ETT Consulting. Automatic deposit of employee salaries can streamline your payroll operations, increase productivity, and save you money. At the same time, your employees will appreciate the safety, reliability and convenience Direct Deposit offers.

Direct Deposit Increases Productivity

American employees spend anywhere from eight-and-a-half to 24 hours each year going to the bank to deposit their paychecks. The cost to employers is between $3 and 5 billion annually in lost productivity. The fact is that long payday bank lines force employees to:

Direct Deposit re-establishes payday as just any other day at work. Employees still receive a paystub detailing their net pay and deductions. But, with Direct Deposit, there is none of the anticipation and time wasted when paychecks are hand distributed. Neither is there any need for employees to worry about getting paid when theyíre not at work on a payday. Their money is automatically and safely deposited into their personal accounts, with no chance of being misplaced, stolen or damaged.

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

Many businesses are struggling to find ways to cut costs. ETT Consultingís Direct Deposit service can save you up to 50% of payroll and administrative costs. Just think of how many steps it takes you to issue a paycheck. Typically you must absorb the expense and time it takes to:

In contrast, Direct Deposit is a two-step operation: (1) you create the direct deposit batch using the EFT for Windows Software and transmit it to us via modem for processing; and (2) you provide your employees with a pay stub on payday. Itís that simple.

Take The Pressure Off Payday

With Direct Deposit, your payroll related tasks can be more efficiently spread throughout the week and completed well in advance of payday, easing the pressures of payday for payroll staff. Also, because Direct Deposit is automatic, all you need to do is print out pay statements that inform your employees that their earnings have been credited to their personal accounts.

Those pay statements can be printed on regular paper instead of costly check stock. They also can be distributed inexpensively through your internal mail system prior to payday, thereby avoiding the cost of having to mail paychecks or use supervisor time to pick them up and distribute them.

It all adds up to big savings in time and money for your business.

The Key To Participation Is Promotion!

Studies show that when actively promoted, employee participation in Direct Deposit soars. This is illustrated by the fact that:

Obviously the greater your employee participation, the greater your savings by minimizing your need to maintain dual payroll systems.

Why Should You Use ETT Consulting Over A Traditional Bank?

Banks are busy providing a variety of financial services. At ETT Consulting, we specialize in EFT services. Our rates are competitive and our service is the hallmark of our commitment to clients.

No Excuses! Just Do it!

Now that you know about the Direct Deposit service from ETT Consulting, what are you waiting for? Direct Deposit is reliable, safe, convenient, and confidential. Itís a benefit your employees will value. But more importantly, it will save you money. If you want Direct Deposit services that are tailored to meet your needs, call ETT Consulting today.